Lesson 1.1 – Your Perception is a Center Element for Lasting Transformation

How you look at things, past, actual, and even things that might happen in the future, will impact to a very high degree how you feel, what you say and do, and how your life looks like. To change your perception of things, will change everything!

Lesson 1.2 – How your Perception is shaped and changed

The good news is, you have the full power, control, and influence over your own perception. To a level even over other peoples perception.

You can shape, and change your own, as well as how others perceive you.

Time to make a change, where it helps you grow the most.

Lesson 1.3 – Experience & Change

Your Experience usually dictates how you respond to certain situations and experiences. Changing your Experience, integrate it, or even resolve it can help you master your life and it will get you to your goals.

Lesson 1.4 – You ARE the Foundation

It all starts and ends with you! The most important person on the planet when it comes to you, is you!

When you understand and incorporate the whole idea behind that, your life will change drastically for the better.

The way you treat yourself, ultimately sets the rules for others and how they will treat you.

Lesson 1.5 – Your True Self Meditation

Dive deeper to meet a part of you, that was always there, always will be there, and this part has all the answers to any burning question that you might have.

Lesson 1.6 – Skills + Talents = Income

What you are good at, and what you learn to become good at determine to 100% how much you will earn. And then, if you want to raise the bar more, your personality is second to none in its development for more fulfillment, income, and success.

Lesson 1.7 – Sum it Up

Ok we went through a lot, let’s see what that was. And get the most important points back to your memory

Lesson 1.8 – Challenge

What would life be without challenges? maybe simpler, I think it would be boring and nothing great would ever be discovered.

Challenges bring you to go beyond what you thought possible. They help you to see that there is so much more potential in you, than you prior thought possible… take this challenge on during the course of this online MasterClass, and excel your gain a thousand fold!

The Wealth Creation Formula – Outline

MODULE 1: Your Reality

Your Perception is a Center Element for Lasting Transformation

How Your Perception is Shaped and Changed

Experience & Change

You are the Foundation

Your True Self Meditation

Skills + Talents = Income

Sum it Up


MODULE 2: Your Beliefs

Keep an Open Mind

Mindset VS Belief

10 Crucial Beliefs for you

How to Rebuild a Beliefsystem

80+ Beliefs Reframed

Powerful Affirmation

Core Fears and how to Overcome Them

MODULE 3: Into Action

Find your Money Programming

Appreciation vs Hatred

Money Habit

Appreciation Practice – 90 Day Challenge Addition

Money is Your Friend

Selfcare, Selflove & Confidence

Selling is Essential

3 Crucial Questions

MODULE 4: Lift Off

Desires, Goals, Successes

Timeline & Plan

Belief in Yourself

Positivity Practice

Finish What You Start

Foundation to Wealth = Skills

How to Get Unstuck

Commitment Booster

MODULE 5: Bonus

Powerful Integration Meditation – Transform Your Obstacles Into Allies