Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Income now with the

knowledge agent blueprint

  • Learn how to use the knowledge and products from others to increase your monthly income
  • Understand how to recommend with impact and make people move
  • Experience the power of “Third-Party” quality-content

What is in it for you

Learn how easy you can improve your own income online!

Or start a online side-income…

Do you have enough from restrictions and limited opportunities?

Find your way to a new freedom. From the security of your home! You choose, if you build this as side or main income.

Fully flexible, you are the boss!

Set yourself 5 minutes or 5 hours a day. It’s up to you.

The more you give in the more you get out!

Module 1

Become a Knowledge Agent

What is Affiliation Marketing?

How to setup accounts

Baseline for Digitstore24

Control your Income

How to get cool offers and how to share them

How to market effectfully

Module 2

Product Sales

Product Disection

Solution Matching


How to Sell anything to anyone

Online Networking System

Create attention

Module 3

Social Media and Content

Where to go for maximum success

What to do where

How to build a story and thread

How to create posts that move

Groups and Pages

Live Content

Module 4

Daily routine for success as affiliate

Post and go Live


Attract more people

Stay in touch and close the deal

Why this is the right thing to do right now:

You do not need to create an own product or service online

You can start immediately and hustle free no tech requirements whatsoever

No hosting, web pages, or anything else online needed – just you and your social media accounts suffice

No need to know anything about sales or marketing, you learn all you need right here!

Bonus Content:

  1. How to create Images online for free
  2. Prepared posts for you – inspiration and ready to use content
  3. Sell anything – cheatsheet
  4. 5 steps to social networking checklist
  5. neuro-marketing – trigger and move people now
  6. video marketing basics

The Course Creators

Stefan Logar –

The World’s First Digital Life Enhancement Expert

You learn how to digitize your authentic self and bring your knowledge online.

You are guided with over 79’834 hours of experience and understand what to do and how to do it, so it works for you.

Get everything you need to build an sustainable side-income online now.

Chris Ben Rath

Germany’s Leading Expert for Viral Social Marketing for Industry leaders


This online course delivers knowledge and directions on how to build an own affiliate business from home. However, legally we are required to let you know that we cannot make any income claims, or promise you results. Neither monetary or otherwise.

The Tools and Techniques we deliver to you here are working for thousands of people in any economy.

However, it is entirely up to you to make them work for you as well. Your situation, circumstance, capacity, time, and many other factors may effect you directly or not. With the right amount of work and dedication, and the correct application of the knowledge presented here, we achieve outstanding results for ourselves.

We take great precausions to present you with the newest and up to date content and information, anyhow, we cannot guarantee their correctness on all levels.

You need to filter and use what makes sense to you.