For Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Self-Employed, Hustler, Experts:

How to digitize your business and yourself authentically!

Without overwhelm and frustration

“If your business is not online by now, you are out of business!” – Bill Gates

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Blockbuster Video


Blockbuster video missed the leap to the Internet.

Insolvency within about 2 years after the foundation of Netflix!

Netflix revolutionized the video rental industry with a simple, automated online business model.

Largest streaming service worldwide with over 350 million customers

Do you want to be the next Blockbuster Video or the next Netflix in your market?

Your ideal customer can’t find you

You will be visible and easy findable online

You lose over 85% of your customer potential because they only decide online from whom they buy

You create a strong emotional bond and thus lifetime customers for your business, thanks to authentic digitalization

Running after your customers and working on an hourly basis

Serving customers online, living freely and mastering everything more self-determined

A lot of time and money spent on expensive advertising agencies and ended up in the sand!

To carry your message from the heart into the world, which people understand, need and are moved to act.

Expensive web designers engaged and the result brings no business!

Understand how to use websites in digitisation and how to make profits

Your content and procedure of the master class:

In 5 steps to an authentic digital personal brand!

This online master class consists of guided simple videos with detailed implementation workshops

Official launch February 2020

You gain access to the first Module and Workshop immediately now!

PDF Workbooks

Read everything again from new perspectives Explain and get your most important tasks

All audio files for download

Download any video as audio and listen to it over and over again, anywhere.

After official course start – Live Q&A sessions

Ask your questions and get first hand answers from Stefan directly

Short Presise Videos that guide you step by step

Create the basis for successful digitalization and then put everything directly into action with the workshops

3 strong online Workshops

Learn to convert everything from the videos and handouts and apply it directly to yourself. No guessing or trying, but directly integrate into your business and life!

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Secure your digitization master class now!

€997 ,-

€467,- Only available a short time

This Masterclass gives you:

Learn how to digitize authentically

Fast implementation

Learn what works today digitally

Simplify your business

Gain clarity and act faster

Your personality is central

step by step guidance to use all the knowledge from this masterclass

Avoid stress and confusion

build your ideal action-plan to digitize authentically

Ulrike Wünnemann / Founder of the Soul Biography / Self-employed

Customer feedback

“I’m so guided that even I can make it online today… Here you really get everything from one source! Stefan is someone who can do everything! “

Module 1 – Know your path and go online with certainty

  • clarity at all necessary levels
  • Pain and the gain of your ideal customers
  • Navigate your current situation successfully
  • Be understood faster by your target group!

Module 2 – Selling easier:

  • You create momentum
  • clarity about your services / products
  • Refined sales process
  • Ideal process for overview

Martin Altherr / Founder des Breakthrough-Blueprints – Selftransformation Expert – Mindvalley author – Customer Feedback

“Stefan is a true master of his craft. There’s no one better today on the subject of digitalisation!”

Sarah Bachmann / communications expert for parent-child relationships – customer feedback

“Thanks to working with Stefan, everything has changed for me. Not only for my business, but also in my private life!”

Module 3 Be seen and understood by your target market:

  • Build a lasting, deep connection to your ideal customer
  • Create credibility
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Understand in even more depth why you do what you do – so that you can create emotional connection


Module 4 – Create the 24/7 salesman who never gets sick

  • Learn to use videos more effectively
  • Understand the structure of a webinar
  • Knowing alternatives to webinars
  • Integrate your customer ideally and bring him closer to you

Karen Lim & Siew Leng Low – Founders Paws Fur Life – Singapores most trusted advisors for dog well-being – Customer Feedback – englisch

“Stefan knows exactly what it takes to bring your knowledge online and can show you how to do it online”

Mahima Klinge – CEO – Founder vom Mahima Mindset – International award winning speaker & entrepreneur – Best selling author – Customer Feedback

“Stefan has transformed our business into a round-the-clock online machine, so we can reach more people, make it easier and get them to our live events!

Modul 5 – Glückliche Kunden die mehr wollen:

  • Create satisfied customers thanks to the “pass on” principle
  • Understanding automation in the basis
  • Recognize and use email sequences that work
  • Sell online in your own way

Module 6 – Simplify all processes:

  • Improve your selling skills
  • Find suitable tools
  • Come into action
  • Experience the ease of the digital world as an authentic self!

3 powerful online workshops for you

Number 1:

Clarity and basics for digitisation – implement and integrate everything from the first module!

Number 2:

Tools, applications, make your digital life easier.

Learn which possibilities save you money and give you results

Number 3:

Create your online product + member area to host and sell your product on your own.

And learn how to automate simple sales funnels

Your system to digitize yourself authentically

Module 1

Create clarity

And find your way

Module 2

Learn how you are understood by your target market

And easier to sell

Module 3

Build trust

Create presence and emotional connections

Module 4

Experience your vending automation

Module 5

Bind your customers to you for life

Module 6

Simplify your processes and use the right tools for you


Download and listen the Audio for all Videos


PDF Workbooks and Handouts


eBooks with additional information and tips


Q&A Sessions



Stefan Logar

CEO / Founder
Digital Life Enhancement
12 Years of Experience
Customer in 13 Countries
69’734 hours of development
Mentor to thousands
Worked with Frank Kern, Dean Graziosi, Bob Proctor and many more
Authenticity as Path through life!

Nearly all my customers are afraid of digitizing themselves authentically and finally becoming visible for their target market.

I take this fear away and lead them into a future where they get what they want!

Hi, I am Stefan, 37 years young and father of 5 wonderful children.

I live a free and self-determined life with my center in the Philippines.

I run my business 100% online.

(Besides a few guest appearances on the stages of the world – last time in front of 350 entrepreneurs in Singapore)

All contents of the master class come from real life experience.

One of the hardest times of my life has forced me to finally make it.

  • I had no income
  • No money – not even 20 €
  • Had to move back in with my parents.
  • My children and wife at the time were already in the Philippines, I in Switzerland
  • My business partners have ended the relationship
  • My then wife needed life-saving surgery
  • 30’000 € hospital bill which had to be paid in advance

The basic work with which I earned 42’000,- € in only 11 days you will get to know in the digitalisation master class. Even better, you can then apply it for yourself.

Over the years afterwards:

Thanks to my extensive experience from the international world of entrepreneurs, a lot of passion and dedication, I find what works and how you can do it for you. ALWAYS!

If you are ready to get involved, open your eyes and go the way that shows itself for you.

Sounds too good to be true?

Trust me, many of my clients are afraid that it will suddenly work, and that’s where my content will get you to go the way for you despite the doubts.

Therefore I invite you from my heart to join me in creating the basis for a free and self-determined life in the Digitalization Master Class!



— Limited Time Only — 

Full Lifetime Access for 52% off 


— Limited Time Only — 

Full Lifetime Access for 52% off